Top Jonathan Demme movies(based on popularity,ratings,box office)

as Director
The Silence of the Lambs movie poster
1. The Silence of the Lambs

Year:1991, Director:Jonathan Demme
Cast:Scott Glenn, Jodie Foster, Anthony Heald, Kasi Lemmons, Lawrence T. Wrentz, Lawrence A. Bonney
Category:Drama, Thriller
Philadelphia movie poster
2. Philadelphia

Year:1993, Director:Jonathan Demme
Cast:Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Roberta Maxwell, Buzz Kilman, Daniel Chapman, Karen Finley
Rachel Getting Married movie poster
3. Rachel Getting Married

Year:2008, Director:Jonathan Demme
Cast:Anne Hathaway, Bill Irwin, Sebastian Stan, Anna Deavere Smith, Roslyn Ruff, Annaleigh Ashford
Category:Drama, Romantic
The Manchurian Candidate movie poster
4. The Manchurian Candidate

Year:2004, Director:Jonathan Demme
Cast:Jeffrey Wright, Anthony Mackie, Dorian Missick, Pablo Schreiber, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Teddy Dunn
Category:Drama, Thriller
Something Wild movie poster
5. Something Wild

Year:1986, Director:Jonathan Demme
Cast:Ray Liotta, Jeff Daniels, Tracey Walter, Melanie Griffith, Leib Lensky, George 'Red' Schwartz
Category:Drama, Comedy
Swimming to Cambodia movie poster
6. Swimming to Cambodia

Year:1987, Director:Jonathan Demme
Cast:Sam Waterston, Spalding Gray, Ira Wheeler
Category:Drama, Comedy
Melvin and Howard movie poster
7. Melvin and Howard

Year:1980, Director:Jonathan Demme
Cast:Jason Robards, Mary Steenburgen, Paul Le Mat, Elizabeth Cheshire, Chip Taylor, Melvin E. Dummar
Category:Drama, Comedy
Married to the Mob movie poster
8. Married to the Mob

Year:1988, Director:Jonathan Demme
Cast:Alec Baldwin, Michelle Pfeiffer, Paul Lazar, Captain Haggerty, Frank Aquilino, Marlene Willoughby
Category:Comedy, Romantic
9. Handle with Care

Year:1977, Director:Jonathan Demme
Cast:Bruce McGill, Charles Napier, Candy Clark, Roberts Blossom, Paul Le Mat, Ann Wedgeworth
Category:Drama, Comedy
Beloved movie poster
10. Beloved

Year:1998, Director:Jonathan Demme
Cast:Danny Glover, Thandie Newton, Albert Hall, Kimberly Elise, LisaGay Hamilton, Oprah Winfrey
Category:Drama, Horror

Upcoming Jonathan Demme movies

1. Zeitoun

Year:2014, Director:Jonathan Demme
Category:Drama, History

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