Top Fred M. Wilcox movies(based on popularity,ratings,box office)

as Director
Forbidden Planet movie poster
1. Forbidden Planet

Year:1956, Director:Fred M. Wilcox
Cast:Walter Pidgeon, Leslie Nielsen, Richard Anderson, Anne Francis, Warren Stevens, Jack Kelly
Category:Action, Adventure
Lassie Come Home movie poster
2. Lassie Come Home

Year:1943, Director:Fred M. Wilcox
Cast:Donald Crisp, Nigel Bruce, Roddy McDowall, Edmund Gwenn, Elsa Lanchester, Dame May Whitty
Category:Drama, Adventure
The Secret Garden movie poster
3. The Secret Garden

Year:1949, Director:Fred M. Wilcox
Cast:Herbert Marshall, Dean Stockwell, Elsa Lanchester, Gladys Cooper, Margaret O'Brien, Brian Roper
Category:Drama, Family
Hills of Home movie poster
4. Hills of Home

Year:1948, Director:Fred M. Wilcox
Cast:Reginald Owen, Donald Crisp, Edmund Gwenn, Rhys Williams, Janet Leigh, Tom Drake
Category:Drama, Adventure
Courage of Lassie movie poster
5. Courage of Lassie

Year:1946, Director:Fred M. Wilcox
Cast:George Cleveland, Harry Davenport, Frank Morgan, Elizabeth Taylor, Tom Drake, Selena Royle
Category:Drama, Adventure
Shadow in the Sky movie poster
6. Shadow in the Sky

Year:1952, Director:Fred M. Wilcox
Cast:James Whitmore, Eduard Franz, Ralph Meeker, Jean Hagen, Nancy Davis, Gladys Hurlbut
Code Two movie poster
7. Code Two

Year:1953, Director:Fred M. Wilcox
Cast:Keenan Wynn, James Craig, Ralph Meeker, Elaine Stewart, Sally Forrest, Robert Horton
Category:Drama, Crime
Three Daring Daughters movie poster
8. Three Daring Daughters

Year:1948, Director:Fred M. Wilcox
Cast:Edward Arnold, Harry Davenport, Jeanette MacDonald, Jane Powell, Moyna MacGill, José Iturbi
Category:Romantic, Musical
I Passed for White movie poster
9. I Passed for White

Year:1960, Director:Fred M. Wilcox
Cast:James Franciscus, Isabel Cooley, Phyllis Cole, Patricia Michon, Sonya Wilde, Lon Ballantyne
Tennessee Champ movie poster
10. Tennessee Champ

Year:1954, Director:Fred M. Wilcox
Cast:Keenan Wynn, Shelley Winters, Charles Bronson, Dave O'Brien, Earl Holliman, Dewey Martin

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