Top Charles Crichton movies(based on popularity,ratings,box office)

as Director
A Fish Called Wanda movie poster
1. A Fish Called Wanda

Year:1988, Director:Charles Crichton, John Cleese
Cast:John Cleese, Kevin Kline, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Palin, Tom Georgeson, Maria Aitken
Category:Comedy, Crime
Birdman of Alcatraz movie poster
2. Birdman of Alcatraz

Year:1962, Director:John Frankenheimer, Charles Crichton
Cast:Burt Lancaster, Karl Malden, Neville Brand, Telly Savalas, Thelma Ritter, Betty Field
Category:Drama, Biography
The Lavender Hill Mob movie poster
3. The Lavender Hill Mob

Year:1951, Director:Charles Crichton
Cast:Sid James, Alec Guinness, Stanley Holloway, Alfie Bass, Edie Martin, Marjorie Fielding
Category:Comedy, Crime
Dead of Night movie poster
4. Dead of Night

Year:1945, Director:Basil Dearden, Charles Crichton
Cast:Roland Culver, Mervyn Johns, Googie Withers, Mary Merrall, Frederick Valk, Anthony Baird
Category:Thriller, Horror
The Titfield Thunderbolt movie poster
5. The Titfield Thunderbolt

Year:1953, Director:Charles Crichton
Cast:Hugh Griffith, Stanley Holloway, John Gregson, Naunton Wayne, Godfrey Tearle, George Relph
Hue and Cry movie poster
6. Hue and Cry

Year:1947, Director:Charles Crichton
Cast:Alastair Sim, Harry Fowler, Jack Warner, Joan Dowling, Valerie White, Douglas Barr
Category:Comedy, Crime
The Stranger in Between movie poster
7. The Stranger in Between

Year:1952, Director:Charles Crichton
Cast:Dirk Bogarde, Kay Walsh, Frederick Piper, Elizabeth Sellars, Julian Somers, Jon Whiteley
Category:Drama, Crime
The Battle of the Sexes movie poster
8. The Battle of the Sexes

Year:1959, Director:Charles Crichton
Cast:Donald Pleasence, Robert Morley, Peter Sellers, Ernest Thesiger, Constance Cummings, Jameson Clark
The Third Secret movie poster
9. The Third Secret

Year:1964, Director:Charles Crichton
Cast:Richard Attenborough, Jack Hawkins, Stephen Boyd, Paul Rogers, Diane Cilento, Pamela Franklin
Category:Drama, Thriller
10. For Those in Peril

Year:1944, Director:Charles Crichton
Cast:David Farrar, John Slater, Ralph Michael, Robert Wyndham, John Batten, Robert Griffith
Category:Drama, War

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