Top Benjamin Christensen movies(based on popularity,ratings,box office)

as Director
Mockery movie poster
1. Mockery

Year:1927, Director:Benjamin Christensen
Cast:Ricardo Cortez, Lon Chaney, Emily Fitzroy, Barbara Bedford, Mack Swain, Charles Puffy
Seven Footprints to Satan movie poster
2. Seven Footprints to Satan

Year:1929, Director:Benjamin Christensen
Cast:Thelma Todd, Creighton Hale, William V. Mong, Sheldon Lewis, Sôjin, Laska Winters
Category:Drama, Comedy
The Mysterious Island movie poster
3. The Mysterious Island

Year:1929, Director:Maurice Tourneur, Benjamin Christensen
Cast:Lionel Barrymore, Montagu Love, Lloyd Hughes, Harry Gribbon, Snitz Edwards, Jacqueline Gadsden
Category:Romantic, Adventure
4. The Devil's Circus

Year:1926, Director:Benjamin Christensen
Cast:John Miljan, Norma Shearer, Claire McDowell, Carmel Myers, Joyce Coad, Charles Emmett Mack
5. House of Horror

Year:1929, Director:Benjamin Christensen
Cast:Louise Fazenda, Chester Conklin, Thelma Todd, William V. Mong, William Orlamond, James Ford
Category:Comedy, Horror

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