Top Terry Moore movies(based on popularity,ratings,box office)

AS Actor
Come Back, Little Sheba movie poster
1. Come Back, Little Sheba

Year:1952, Director:Daniel Mann
Cast:Burt Lancaster, Richard Jaeckel, Terry Moore, Philip Ober, Edwin Max, Shirley Booth
Mighty Joe Young movie poster
2. Mighty Joe Young

Year:1949, Director:Ernest B. Schoedsack
Cast:Douglas Fowley, Frank McHugh, Robert Armstrong, Ben Johnson, Terry Moore, Denis Green
Category:Drama, Adventure
Peyton Place movie poster
3. Peyton Place

Year:1957, Director:Mark Robson
Cast:Lloyd Nolan, Arthur Kennedy, Lana Turner, Russ Tamblyn, Terry Moore, Lee Philips
Category:Drama, Romantic
Daddy Long Legs movie poster
4. Daddy Long Legs

Year:1955, Director:Jean Negulesco
Cast:Fred Astaire, Leslie Caron, Terry Moore, Thelma Ritter, Kathryn Givney, Charlotte Austin
Category:Romantic, Musical
Man on a Tightrope movie poster
5. Man on a Tightrope

Year:1953, Director:Elia Kazan
Cast:Fredric March, Adolphe Menjou, Cameron Mitchell, Gloria Grahame, Robert Beatty, Terry Moore
Between Heaven and Hell movie poster
6. Between Heaven and Hell

Year:1956, Director:Richard Fleischer
Cast:Broderick Crawford, Robert Wagner, Terry Moore, Robert Keith, Brad Dexter, Buddy Ebsen
Category:Drama, War
Shack Out on 101 movie poster
7. Shack Out on 101

Year:1955, Director:Edward Dein
Cast:Keenan Wynn, Whit Bissell, Lee Marvin, Terry Moore, Frank Lovejoy, Jess Barker
Category:Drama, Thriller
The Great Rupert movie poster
8. The Great Rupert

Year:1950, Director:Irving Pichel
Cast:Sara Haden, Frank Orth, Jimmy Durante, Terry Moore, Tom Drake, Queenie Smith
Category:Comedy, Family
Bernardine movie poster
9. Bernardine

Year:1957, Director:Henry Levin
Cast:Dean Jagger, Terry Moore, Janet Gaynor, Dick Sargent, Pat Boone, James Drury
Category:Comedy, Musical
King of the Khyber Rifles movie poster
10. King of the Khyber Rifles

Year:1953, Director:Henry King
Cast:Tyrone Power, Michael Rennie, Terry Moore, Guy Rolfe, John Justin, Richard Wyler
Category:Drama, Romantic
Two of a Kind movie poster
11. Two of a Kind

Year:1951, Director:Henry Levin
Cast:Edmond O'Brien, Alexander Knox, Griff Barnett, Terry Moore, Lizabeth Scott, Robert Anderson
Category:Drama, Thriller
The Barefoot Mailman movie poster
12. The Barefoot Mailman

Year:1951, Director:Earl McEvoy
Cast:Robert Cummings, Arthur Shields, Will Geer, John Russell, Terry Moore, Jerome Courtland
Category:Comedy, Adventure
Postmark for Danger movie poster
13. Postmark for Danger

Year:1956, Director:Guy Green
Cast:Geoffrey Keen, Allan Cuthbertson, Robert Beatty, Terry Moore, William Sylvester, Josephine Griffin
Beneath the 12-Mile Reef movie poster
14. Beneath the 12-Mile Reef

Year:1953, Director:Robert D. Webb
Cast:J. Carrol Naish, Gilbert Roland, Robert Wagner, Richard Boone, Terry Moore, Angela Clarke
The Return of October movie poster
15. The Return of October

Year:1948, Director:Joseph H. Lewis
Cast:Henry O'Neill, James Gleason, Glenn Ford, Terry Moore, Dame May Whitty, Albert Sharpe
Cast a Long Shadow movie poster
16. Cast a Long Shadow

Year:1959, Director:Thomas Carr
Cast:John Dehner, Denver Pyle, Audie Murphy, James Best, Terry Moore, Rita Lynn
17. Gambling House

Year:1950, Director:Ted Tetzlaff
Cast:William Bendix, Victor Mature, Terry Moore, Basil Ruysdael, Donald Randolph, Zachary Charles
Category:Drama, Crime
A Man Called Dagger movie poster
18. A Man Called Dagger

Year:1968, Director:Richard Rush
Cast:Terry Moore, Paul Mantee, Sue Ane Langdon, Jan Murray, Maureen Arthur, Eileen O'Neill
Category:Action, Thriller
Shadowed movie poster
19. Shadowed

Year:1946, Director:John Sturges
Cast:Lloyd Corrigan, Anita Louise, Terry Moore, Mark Roberts, Michael Duane, Doris Houck
Category:Drama, Crime
20. American Southern

Year:1995, Director:John Joshua Clayton
Cast:Terry Moore, John Malloy, Becky Fly, Patricia Rive, Amy Hubbard, Tedd St. James
21. Second Chances

Year:1998, Director:James Fargo
Cast:Stuart Whitman, Terry Moore, Tom Amandes, Isabel Glasser, Madeline Zima, Kelsey Mulrooney
Town Tamer movie poster
22. Town Tamer

Year:1965, Director:Lesley Selander
Cast:Lon Chaney Jr., Pat O'Brien, Dana Andrews, Bruce Cabot, Terry Moore, Lyle Bettger
Category:Romantic, Action
Waco movie poster
23. Waco

Year:1966, Director:R.G. Springsteen
Cast:Brian Donlevy, Wendell Corey, Terry Moore, Howard Keel, Jane Russell, John Smith
Category:Romantic, Action
Mighty Joe Young movie poster
24. Mighty Joe Young

Year:1998, Director:Ron Underwood
Cast:Rade Serbedzija, David Paymer, Charlize Theron, Bill Paxton, Peter Firth, Regina King
Category:Action, Thriller
The Devil on Wheels movie poster
25. The Devil on Wheels

Year:1947, Director:Crane Wilbur
Cast:Darryl Hickman, Terry Moore, Damian O'Flynn, James Cardwell, Noreen Nash, Lenita Lane

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