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A Double Life movie poster
1. A Double Life

Year:1947, Director:George Cukor
Cast:Shelley Winters, Ray Collins, Edmond O'Brien, Ronald Colman, Signe Hasso, Philip Loeb
Category:Drama, Crime
The Seventh Cross movie poster
2. The Seventh Cross

Year:1944, Director:Fred Zinnemann
Cast:Spencer Tracy, Agnes Moorehead, Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy, Herbert Rudley, Signe Hasso
Category:Drama, War
Heaven Can Wait movie poster
3. Heaven Can Wait

Year:1943, Director:Ernst Lubitsch
Cast:Spring Byington, Charles Coburn, Marjorie Main, Don Ameche, Gene Tierney, Laird Cregar
Category:Drama, Comedy
The House on 92nd Street movie poster
4. The House on 92nd Street

Year:1945, Director:Henry Hathaway
Cast:Gene Lockhart, Lloyd Nolan, Leo G. Carroll, Signe Hasso, William Eythe, Lydia St. Clair
Category:Drama, Thriller
To the Ends of the Earth movie poster
5. To the Ends of the Earth

Year:1948, Director:Robert Stevenson
Cast:Dick Powell, Vladimir Sokoloff, Edgar Barrier, Ludwig Donath, Signe Hasso, Maylia
Category:Thriller, Crime
A Scandal in Paris movie poster
6. A Scandal in Paris

Year:1946, Director:Douglas Sirk
Cast:George Sanders, Gene Lockhart, Akim Tamiroff, Alma Kruger, Carole Landis, Signe Hasso
Category:Comedy, Romantic
Crisis movie poster
7. Crisis

Year:1950, Director:Richard Brooks
Cast:Cary Grant, Gilbert Roland, José Ferrer, Ramon Novarro, Signe Hasso, Paula Raymond
Category:Drama, Thriller
The Story of Dr. Wassell movie poster
8. The Story of Dr. Wassell

Year:1944, Director:Cecil B. DeMille
Cast:Gary Cooper, Dennis O'Keefe, Laraine Day, Carl Esmond, Signe Hasso, Carol Thurston
Category:Drama, Romantic
Where There
9. Where There's Life

Year:1947, Director:Sidney Lanfield
Cast:George Zucco, Bob Hope, George Coulouris, William Bendix, Signe Hasso, Vera Marshe
Category:Comedy, Thriller
Johnny Angel movie poster
10. Johnny Angel

Year:1945, Director:Edwin L. Marin
Cast:George Raft, Claire Trevor, Lowell Gilmore, Marvin Miller, Signe Hasso, Hoagy Carmichael
Category:Drama, Crime
Strange Triangle movie poster
11. Strange Triangle

Year:1946, Director:Ray McCarey
Cast:Preston Foster, Emory Parnell, Roy Roberts, Shepperd Strudwick, Signe Hasso, Anabel Shaw
Category:Drama, Crime
Outside the Wall movie poster
12. Outside the Wall

Year:1950, Director:Crane Wilbur
Cast:Richard Basehart, Lloyd Gough, Marilyn Maxwell, Signe Hasso, Dorothy Hart, Joseph Pevney
Category:Drama, Romantic
Dangerous Partners movie poster
13. Dangerous Partners

Year:1945, Director:Edward L. Cahn
Cast:Edmund Gwenn, James Craig, Audrey Totter, Signe Hasso, Mabel Paige, John Warburton
Category:Adventure, Mystery
A Reflection of Fear movie poster
14. A Reflection of Fear

Year:1973, Director:William A. Fraker
Cast:Robert Shaw, Sally Kellerman, Signe Hasso, Mitch Ryan, Sondra Locke, Mary Ure
This Can
15. This Can't Happen Here

Year:1950, Director:Ingmar Bergman
Cast:Gösta Cederlund, Alf Kjellin, Ulf Palme, Signe Hasso, Yngve Nordwall, Hannu Kompus
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden movie poster
16. I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Year:1977, Director:Anthony Page
Cast:Bibi Andersson, Kathleen Quinlan, Ben Piazza, Lorraine Gary, Martine Bartlett, Margo Ann Berdeshevsky
Category:Drama, Fantasy
The Black Bird movie poster
17. The Black Bird

Year:1975, Director:David Giler
Cast:Elisha Cook Jr., Lionel Stander, Lee Patrick, Stéphane Audran, George Segal, Signe Hasso
Assignment in Brittany movie poster
18. Assignment in Brittany

Year:1943, Director:Jack Conway
Cast:George Coulouris, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Signe Hasso, Margaret Wycherly, Susan Peters, Richard Whorf
Category:Drama, War
19. Career

Year:1938, Director:Schamyl Bauman
Cast:Sture Lagerwall, Signe Hasso, Tollie Zellman, Olof Widgren, Carl Barcklind, Ruth Stevens
Picture Mommy Dead movie poster
20. Picture Mommy Dead

Year:1966, Director:Bert I. Gordon
Cast:Martha Hyer, Don Ameche, Wendell Corey, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Maxwell Reed, Susan Gordon

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