Top Ruth Ford movies(based on popularity,ratings,box office)

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Woman Who Came Back movie poster
1. Woman Who Came Back

Year:1945, Director:Walter Colmes
Cast:Otto Kruger, John Loder, Harry Tyler, Nancy Kelly, Ruth Ford, Jeanne Gail
Category:Horror, Mystery
Play It As It Lays movie poster
2. Play It As It Lays

Year:1972, Director:Frank Perry
Cast:Anthony Perkins, Tuesday Weld, Ruth Ford, Adam Roarke, Eddie Firestone, Tammy Grimes
Category:Drama, Comedy
Strange Impersonation movie poster
3. Strange Impersonation

Year:1946, Director:Anthony Mann
Cast:George Chandler, H.B. Warner, William Gargan, Hillary Brooke, Brenda Marshall, Ruth Ford
Secrets of the Lone Wolf movie poster
4. Secrets of the Lone Wolf

Year:1941, Director:Edward Dmytryk
Cast:Thurston Hall, Victor Jory, Eric Blore, Warren William, Ruth Ford, Roger Clark
Category:Romantic, Crime
Wilson movie poster
5. Wilson

Year:1944, Director:Henry King
Cast:Cedric Hardwicke, Charles Coburn, Thomas Mitchell, Alexander Knox, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Ruth Nelson
Category:Drama, Romantic
Act One movie poster
6. Act One

Year:1963, Director:Dore Schary
Cast:Eli Wallach, Jason Robards, Sam Levene, George Hamilton, Ruth Ford, Jack Klugman
Category:Drama, Biography
7. The Hidden Hand

Year:1942, Director:Benjamin Stoloff
Cast:Frank Wilcox, Willie Best, Julie Bishop, Cecil Cunningham, Craig Stevens, Elisabeth Fraser
Category:Comedy, Romantic
Roaring Frontiers movie poster
8. Roaring Frontiers

Year:1941, Director:Lambert Hillyer
Cast:Bill Elliott, Tristram Coffin, Bradley Page, Tex Ritter, Ruth Ford, Frank Mitchell
Category:Romantic, Action
The Keys of the Kingdom movie poster
9. The Keys of the Kingdom

Year:1944, Director:John M. Stahl
Cast:Vincent Price, Gregory Peck, Roddy McDowall, Thomas Mitchell, Edmund Gwenn, Rose Stradner
10. Circumstantial Evidence

Year:1945, Director:John Larkin
Cast:Lloyd Nolan, Reed Hadley, Michael O'Shea, Trudy Marshall, Ruth Ford, Billy Cummings
Category:Drama, Crime
The Lady Is Willing movie poster
11. The Lady Is Willing

Year:1942, Director:Mitchell Leisen
Cast:Fred MacMurray, Marlene Dietrich, Stanley Ridges, Aline MacMahon, Arline Judge, Roger Clark
Category:Drama, Comedy
Lady Gangster movie poster
12. Lady Gangster

Year:1942, Director:Robert Florey
Cast:Frank Wilcox, Julie Bishop, Roland Drew, Faye Emerson, Jackie Gleason, Ruth Ford
Category:Drama, Crime
13. The Eyes of the Amaryllis

Year:1982, Director:Frederick King Keller
Cast:Guy Boyd, Ruth Ford, Katharine Houghton, Martha Byrne, Jonathan Bolt
Category:Drama, Thriller
Murder in the Big House movie poster
14. Murder in the Big House

Year:1942, Director:B. Reeves Eason
Cast:George Meeker, Van Johnson, Frank Wilcox, Roland Drew, Faye Emerson, Tod Andrews
Category:Drama, Romantic
Truck Busters movie poster
15. Truck Busters

Year:1943, Director:B. Reeves Eason
Cast:Virginia Christine, Richard Travis, Richard Fraser, Ruth Ford, Tod Andrews, Charles Lang
Escape from Crime movie poster
16. Escape from Crime

Year:1942, Director:D. Ross Lederman
Cast:Wade Boteler, Frank Wilcox, Julie Bishop, Jackie Gleason, Richard Travis, Rex Williams
Category:Drama, Crime
The Devil
17. The Devil's Trail

Year:1942, Director:Lambert Hillyer
Cast:Bill Elliott, Noah Beery, Tex Ritter, Ruth Ford, Frank Mitchell, Eileen O'Hearn
Adventure in Iraq movie poster
18. Adventure in Iraq

Year:1943, Director:D. Ross Lederman
Cast:Paul Cavanagh, John Loder, Warren Douglas, Barry Bernard, Ruth Ford, Peggy Carson
The Man Who Returned to Life movie poster
19. The Man Who Returned to Life

Year:1942, Director:Lew Landers
Cast:Elisabeth Risdon, John Howard, Ruth Ford, Roger Clark, Lucile Fairbanks, Marcella Martin
The Gorilla Man movie poster
20. The Gorilla Man

Year:1943, Director:D. Ross Lederman
Cast:Paul Cavanagh, John Loder, Lumsden Hare, Richard Fraser, Ruth Ford, Marian Hall
Category:Drama, Action

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