Top Red Buttons movies(based on popularity,ratings,box office)

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They Shoot Horses, Don
1. They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

Year:1969, Director:Sydney Pollack
Cast:Jane Fonda, Gig Young, Susannah York, Michael Sarrazin, Red Buttons, Bonnie Bedelia
The Poseidon Adventure movie poster
2. The Poseidon Adventure

Year:1972, Director:Ronald Neame, Irwin Allen
Cast:Ernest Borgnine, Gene Hackman, Roddy McDowall, Stella Stevens, Carol Lynley, Red Buttons
Category:Action, Adventure
Hatari! movie poster
3. Hatari!

Year:1962, Director:Howard Hawks
Cast:John Wayne, Bruce Cabot, Hardy Krüger, Elsa Martinelli, Red Buttons, Gérard Blain
Category:Drama, Romantic
Sayonara movie poster
4. Sayonara

Year:1957, Director:Joshua Logan
Cast:Marlon Brando, Ricardo Montalban, Red Buttons, Patricia Owens, Miiko Taka, Miyoshi Umeki
Category:Drama, Romantic
The Longest Day movie poster
5. The Longest Day

Year:1962, Director:Ken Annakin, Andrew Marton
Cast:Eddie Albert, Bourvil, Hans Christian Blech, Arletty, Jean-Louis Barrault, Paul Anka
Category:Drama, Action
6. Pete's Dragon

Year:1977, Director:Don Chaffey
Cast:Mickey Rooney, Shelley Winters, Red Buttons, Jim Dale, Helen Reddy, Sean Marshall
Category:Adventure, Family
Movie Movie movie poster
7. Movie Movie

Year:1978, Director:Stanley Donen
Cast:Eli Wallach, George C. Scott, Red Buttons, Jocelyn Brando, Trish Van Devere, Harry Hamlin
Category:Comedy, Musical
Who Killed Mary Whats
8. Who Killed Mary Whats'ername?

Year:1971, Director:Ernest Pintoff
Cast:Red Buttons, Sam Waterston, Sylvia Miles, Dick Anthony Williams, Conrad Bain, Alice Playten
Category:Crime, Mystery
Your Cheatin
9. Your Cheatin' Heart

Year:1964, Director:Gene Nelson
Cast:Arthur O'Connell, George Hamilton, Red Buttons, Rex Ingram, Susan Oliver, Shary Marshall
Category:Drama, Biography
The Big Circus movie poster
10. The Big Circus

Year:1959, Director:Joseph M. Newman
Cast:Vincent Price, Gilbert Roland, Victor Mature, Rhonda Fleming, Red Buttons, Kathryn Grant
Imitation General movie poster
11. Imitation General

Year:1958, Director:George Marshall
Cast:Glenn Ford, Kent Smith, Dean Jones, Red Buttons, Taina Elg, Tige Andrews
Category:Comedy, War
It Could Happen to You movie poster
12. It Could Happen to You

Year:1994, Director:Andrew Bergman
Cast:Nicolas Cage, Bridget Fonda, Wendell Pierce, Isaac Hayes, Rosie Perez, Víctor Rojas
Category:Drama, Comedy
Stagecoach movie poster
13. Stagecoach

Year:1966, Director:Gordon Douglas
Cast:Bing Crosby, Robert Cummings, Ann-Margret, Red Buttons, Mike Connors, Alex Cord
The Ambulance movie poster
14. The Ambulance

Year:1990, Director:Larry Cohen
Cast:Eric Roberts, James Earl Jones, Red Buttons, Eric Braeden, Janine Turner, Megan Gallagher
Category:Comedy, Romantic
Five Weeks in a Balloon movie poster
15. Five Weeks in a Balloon

Year:1962, Director:Irwin Allen
Cast:Peter Lorre, Cedric Hardwicke, Billy Gilbert, Red Buttons, Fabian, Barbara Eden
Category:Comedy, Romantic
Gay Purr-ee movie poster
16. Gay Purr-ee

Year:1962, Director:Abe Levitow
Cast:Judy Garland, Red Buttons, Paul Frees, Mel Blanc, Hermione Gingold, Robert Goulet
Category:Family, Musical
Up from the Beach movie poster
17. Up from the Beach

Year:1965, Director:Robert Parrish
Cast:James Robertson Justice, Slim Pickens, Cliff Robertson, Marius Goring, Red Buttons, Irina Demick
Category:Drama, War
18 Again! movie poster
18. 18 Again!

Year:1988, Director:Paul Flaherty
Cast:George Burns, Tony Roberts, Miriam Flynn, Anita Morris, Jennifer Runyon, Charlie Schlatter
Category:Comedy, Fantasy
Harlow movie poster
19. Harlow

Year:1965, Director:Gordon Douglas
Cast:Angela Lansbury, Peter Lawford, Raf Vallone, Carroll Baker, Red Buttons, Mike Connors
Category:Drama, Romantic
20. A Ticklish Affair

Year:1963, Director:George Sidney
Cast:Edgar Buchanan, Gig Young, Carolyn Jones, Shirley Jones, Red Buttons, Eddie Applegate
Category:Comedy, Romantic

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