Top Phyllis Kirk movies(based on popularity,ratings,box office)

AS Actor
House of Wax movie poster
1. House of Wax

Year:1953, Director:André De Toth
Cast:Vincent Price, Roy Roberts, Paul Picerni, Frank Lovejoy, Carolyn Jones, Phyllis Kirk
Crime Wave movie poster
2. Crime Wave

Year:1954, Director:André De Toth
Cast:Charles Bronson, Sterling Hayden, Ted de Corsia, Jay Novello, Gene Nelson, Phyllis Kirk
Category:Drama, Crime
Thunder Over the Plains movie poster
3. Thunder Over the Plains

Year:1953, Director:André De Toth
Cast:Randolph Scott, Elisha Cook Jr., Charles McGraw, Henry Hull, Lex Barker, Phyllis Kirk
Category:Romantic, Western
Two Weeks with Love movie poster
4. Two Weeks with Love

Year:1950, Director:Roy Rowland
Cast:Louis Calhern, Ricardo Montalban, Ann Harding, Jane Powell, Phyllis Kirk, Carleton Carpenter
Category:Comedy, Romantic
Mrs. O
5. Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone

Year:1950, Director:Norman Taurog
Cast:Marjorie Main, Fred Clark, James Whitmore, Dorothy Malone, Ann Dvorak, Phyllis Kirk
Category:Comedy, Mystery
Back from Eternity movie poster
6. Back from Eternity

Year:1956, Director:John Farrow
Cast:Rod Steiger, Robert Ryan, Anita Ekberg, Gene Barry, Keith Andes, Phyllis Kirk
The Iron Mistress movie poster
7. The Iron Mistress

Year:1952, Director:Gordon Douglas
Cast:Alan Ladd, Joseph Calleia, Virginia Mayo, Alf Kjellin, Phyllis Kirk, Douglas Dick
Category:Drama, Action
Three Guys Named Mike movie poster
8. Three Guys Named Mike

Year:1951, Director:Charles Walters
Cast:Van Johnson, Barry Sullivan, Jane Wyman, Howard Keel, Phyllis Kirk, Anne Sargent
Category:Comedy, Romantic
9. The Sad Sack

Year:1957, Director:George Marshall
Cast:Peter Lorre, Jerry Lewis, Gene Evans, David Wayne, Phyllis Kirk, Joe Mantell
Our Very Own movie poster
10. Our Very Own

Year:1950, Director:David Miller
Cast:Ann Dvorak, Donald Cook, Farley Granger, Ann Blyth, Jane Wyatt, Joan Evans

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