Top Michael McGuire movies(based on popularity,ratings,box office)

AS Actor
Hard Times movie poster
1. Hard Times

Year:1975, Director:Walter Hill
Cast:Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Strother Martin, Jill Ireland, Margaret Blye, Michael McGuire
Category:Drama, Action
Bird movie poster
2. Bird

Year:1988, Director:Clint Eastwood
Cast:Keith David, Forest Whitaker, Diane Venora, Michael McGuire, Michael Zelniker, Samuel E. Wright
Category:Drama, Biography
3. A More Perfect Union: America Becomes a Nation

Year:1989, Director:Peter N. Johnson
Cast:Craig Wasson, Michael McGuire, Fredd Wayne, Douglas Seale, James Walsh, Morgan White
Category:Drama, History
Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again movie poster
4. Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again

Year:1982, Director:Jerry Belson
Cast:Tim Thomerson, Bess Armstrong, Michael McGuire, Mark Blankfield, Krista Errickson, Neil Hunt
Category:Comedy, Science-Fiction
Going Ape movie poster
5. Going Ape

Year:1970, Director:Carl Reiner
Cast:George Segal, Vincent Gardenia, Ruth Gordon, Barnard Hughes, Ron Leibman, Trish Van Devere
They Might Be Giants movie poster
6. They Might Be Giants

Year:1971, Director:Anthony Harvey
Cast:George C. Scott, Joanne Woodward, Jack Gilford, Al Lewis, Rue McClanahan, Lester Rawlins
Category:Comedy, Romantic
Coming Apart movie poster
7. Coming Apart

Year:1969, Director:Milton Moses Ginsberg
Cast:Rip Torn, Sally Kirkland, Julie Garfield, Phoebe Dorin, Darlene Cotton, Robert Blankshine
Report to the Commissioner movie poster
8. Report to the Commissioner

Year:1975, Director:Milton Katselas
Cast:Hector Elizondo, Yaphet Kotto, Michael Moriarty, Susan Blakely, Tony King, Michael McGuire
Category:Drama, Crime
Blade movie poster
9. Blade

Year:1973, Director:Ernest Pintoff
Cast:John Marley, William Prince, Joe Santos, Michael McGuire, Jon Cypher, Kathryn Walker
Category:Thriller, Mystery
Partners movie poster
10. Partners

Year:1982, Director:James Burrows
Cast:John Hurt, Ryan O'Neal, Kenneth McMillan, Jay Robinson, Denise Galik, Robyn Douglass

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