Top Gig Young movies(based on popularity,ratings,box office)

AS Actor
They Shoot Horses, Don
1. They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

Year:1969, Director:Sydney Pollack
Cast:Jane Fonda, Gig Young, Susannah York, Michael Sarrazin, Red Buttons, Bonnie Bedelia
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia movie poster
2. Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

Year:1974, Director:Sam Peckinpah
Cast:Gig Young, Warren Oates, Robert Webber, Emilio Fernández, Helmut Dantine, Isela Vega
Category:Drama, Action
Desk Set movie poster
3. Desk Set

Year:1957, Director:Walter Lang
Cast:Spencer Tracy, Joan Blondell, Katharine Hepburn, Gig Young, Dina Merrill, Sue Randall
Category:Comedy, Romantic
That Touch of Mink movie poster
4. That Touch of Mink

Year:1962, Director:Delbert Mann
Cast:Cary Grant, Doris Day, Gig Young, Alan Hewitt, John Astin, Audrey Meadows
Category:Comedy, Romantic
The Desperate Hours movie poster
5. The Desperate Hours

Year:1955, Director:William Wyler
Cast:Humphrey Bogart, Fredric March, Arthur Kennedy, Martha Scott, Dewey Martin, Richard Eyer
Category:Drama, Thriller
Air Force movie poster
6. Air Force

Year:1943, Director:Howard Hawks
Cast:John Ridgely, Arthur Kennedy, Harry Carey, George Tobias, Charles Drake, Gig Young
Category:Drama, Action
Young at Heart movie poster
7. Young at Heart

Year:1954, Director:Gordon Douglas
Cast:Frank Sinatra, Dorothy Malone, Doris Day, Gig Young, Robert Keith, Ethel Barrymore
Category:Drama, Romantic
Old Acquaintance movie poster
8. Old Acquaintance

Year:1943, Director:Vincent Sherman
Cast:Bette Davis, John Loder, Gig Young, Phillip Reed, Miriam Hopkins, Dolores Moran
9. Teacher's Pet

Year:1958, Director:George Seaton
Cast:Clark Gable, Doris Day, Gig Young, Nick Adams, Mamie Van Doren, Peter Baldwin
Category:Comedy, Romantic
City That Never Sleeps movie poster
10. City That Never Sleeps

Year:1953, Director:John H. Auer
Cast:Edward Arnold, Chill Wills, Gig Young, Marie Windsor, Mala Powers, William Talman
Category:Drama, Thriller
The Game of Death movie poster
11. The Game of Death

Year:1978, Director:Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Robert Clouse
Cast:Dean Jagger, Gig Young, Biao Yuen, Colleen Camp, Bruce Lee, Tai Chung Kim
Category:Drama, Action
Lust for Gold movie poster
12. Lust for Gold

Year:1949, Director:George Marshall, S. Sylvan Simon
Cast:Glenn Ford, Edgar Buchanan, Ida Lupino, Gig Young, Will Geer, William Prince
Category:Crime, Western
Wake of the Red Witch movie poster
13. Wake of the Red Witch

Year:1948, Director:Edward Ludwig
Cast:John Wayne, Gig Young, Eduard Franz, Adele Mara, Luther Adler, Gail Russell
Category:Action, Adventure
The Three Musketeers movie poster
14. The Three Musketeers

Year:1948, Director:George Sidney
Cast:Frank Morgan, Van Heflin, Lana Turner, Angela Lansbury, Gene Kelly, June Allyson
Category:Drama, Romantic
The Woman in White movie poster
15. The Woman in White

Year:1948, Director:Peter Godfrey
Cast:Agnes Moorehead, Eleanor Parker, Gig Young, John Abbott, Alexis Smith, Sydney Greenstreet
Category:Drama, Romantic
Ask Any Girl movie poster
16. Ask Any Girl

Year:1959, Director:Charles Walters
Cast:David Niven, Jim Backus, Shirley MacLaine, Gig Young, Rod Taylor, Claire Kelly
The Hindenburg movie poster
17. The Hindenburg

Year:1975, Director:Robert Wise
Cast:Burgess Meredith, Anne Bancroft, Gig Young, George C. Scott, William Atherton, Roy Thinnes
Category:Drama, Thriller
Hunt the Man Down movie poster
18. Hunt the Man Down

Year:1950, Director:George Archainbaud
Cast:Gig Young, Lynne Roberts, Willard Parker, Mary Anderson, James Anderson, Carla Balenda
Only the Valiant movie poster
19. Only the Valiant

Year:1951, Director:Gordon Douglas
Cast:Ward Bond, Lon Chaney Jr., Gregory Peck, Neville Brand, Gig Young, Barbara Payton
Category:Adventure, Western
Five Miles to Midnight movie poster
20. Five Miles to Midnight

Year:1962, Director:Anatole Litvak
Cast:Sophia Loren, Gig Young, Anthony Perkins, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Yolande Turner, Tommy Norden
Category:Drama, Crime
The Story on Page One movie poster
21. The Story on Page One

Year:1959, Director:Clifford Odets
Cast:Rita Hayworth, Hugh Griffith, Gig Young, Anthony Franciosa, Mildred Dunnock, Sanford Meisner
The Shuttered Room movie poster
22. The Shuttered Room

Year:1967, Director:David Greene
Cast:Oliver Reed, Gig Young, Flora Robson, Carol Lynley, William Devlin, Judith Arthy
Kid Galahad movie poster
23. Kid Galahad

Year:1962, Director:Phil Karlson
Cast:Charles Bronson, Gig Young, Elvis Presley, Lola Albright, Joan Blackman, David Lewis
Category:Drama, Musical
Come Fill the Cup movie poster
24. Come Fill the Cup

Year:1951, Director:Gordon Douglas
Cast:James Gleason, James Cagney, Raymond Massey, Gig Young, Selena Royle, Phyllis Thaxter
The Gay Sisters movie poster
25. The Gay Sisters

Year:1942, Director:Irving Rapper
Cast:Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent, Donald Crisp, Gig Young, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Nancy Coleman
Category:Drama, Romantic

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