Top Eleanor Powell movies(based on popularity,ratings,box office)

AS Actor
Broadway Melody of 1940 movie poster
1. Broadway Melody of 1940

Year:1940, Director:Norman Taurog
Cast:Frank Morgan, Ian Hunter, Fred Astaire, George Murphy, Florence Rice, Eleanor Powell
Broadway Melody of 1936 movie poster
2. Broadway Melody of 1936

Year:1935, Director:Roy Del Ruth, W.S. Van Dyke
Cast:Una Merkel, Robert Taylor, Buddy Ebsen, Jack Benny, Eleanor Powell, Sid Silvers
Category:Romantic, Musical
Born to Dance movie poster
3. Born to Dance

Year:1936, Director:Roy Del Ruth
Cast:James Stewart, Una Merkel, Virginia Bruce, Frances Langford, Eleanor Powell, Sid Silvers
Category:Comedy, Musical
Lady Be Good movie poster
4. Lady Be Good

Year:1941, Director:Norman Z. McLeod, Busby Berkeley
Cast:Lionel Barrymore, Robert Young, Ann Sothern, John Carroll, Red Skelton, Eleanor Powell
Category:Comedy, Musical
Broadway Melody of 1938 movie poster
5. Broadway Melody of 1938

Year:1937, Director:Roy Del Ruth
Cast:Robert Taylor, Binnie Barnes, George Murphy, Buddy Ebsen, Eleanor Powell, Sophie Tucker
Category:Romantic, Musical
Honolulu movie poster
6. Honolulu

Year:1939, Director:Edward Buzzell
Cast:Robert Young, Clarence Kolb, Rita Johnson, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Eleanor Powell
Category:Comedy, Romantic
Ship Ahoy movie poster
7. Ship Ahoy

Year:1942, Director:Edward Buzzell
Cast:Red Skelton, Virginia O'Brien, Eleanor Powell, Bert Lahr, William Post Jr., James Cross
Category:Comedy, Romantic
Rosalie movie poster
8. Rosalie

Year:1937, Director:W.S. Van Dyke
Cast:Frank Morgan, Edna May Oliver, Nelson Eddy, Ray Bolger, Eleanor Powell, Ilona Massey
Category:Drama, Musical
I Dood It movie poster
9. I Dood It

Year:1943, Director:Vincente Minnelli
Cast:Thurston Hall, Sam Levene, Red Skelton, Eleanor Powell, Richard Ainley, Patricia Dane
Category:Comedy, Romantic
Sensations of 1945 movie poster
10. Sensations of 1945

Year:1944, Director:Andrew L. Stone
Cast:Lyle Talbot, C. Aubrey Smith, Eugene Pallette, Dennis O'Keefe, Eleanor Powell, Mimi Forsythe

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