Top Eddie Collins movies(based on popularity,ratings,box office)

AS Actor
Young Mr. Lincoln movie poster
1. Young Mr. Lincoln

Year:1939, Director:John Ford
Cast:Henry Fonda, Alice Brady, Marjorie Weaver, Arleen Whelan, Pauline Moore, Eddie Collins
Category:Drama, Biography
Drums Along the Mohawk movie poster
2. Drums Along the Mohawk

Year:1939, Director:John Ford
Cast:John Carradine, Henry Fonda, Claudette Colbert, Edna May Oliver, Eddie Collins, Dorris Bowdon
Category:Drama, Romantic
Charlie Chan in Honolulu movie poster
3. Charlie Chan in Honolulu

Year:1938, Director:H. Bruce Humberstone
Cast:Sidney Toler, Victor Sen Yung, Claire Dodd, John 'Dusty' King, Phyllis Brooks, Eddie Collins
Category:Comedy, Thriller
The Blue Bird movie poster
4. The Blue Bird

Year:1940, Director:Walter Lang
Cast:Spring Byington, Nigel Bruce, Shirley Temple, Gale Sondergaard, Eddie Collins, Sybil Jason
Category:Drama, Family
Charlie Chan in Reno movie poster
5. Charlie Chan in Reno

Year:1939, Director:Norman Foster
Cast:Sidney Toler, Ricardo Cortez, Victor Sen Yung, Kane Richmond, Slim Summerville, Phyllis Brooks
Category:Drama, Comedy
6. News Is Made at Night

Year:1939, Director:Alfred L. Werker
Cast:Preston Foster, Minor Watson, George Barbier, Lynn Bari, Russell Gleason, Eddie Collins
Category:Drama, Comedy
The Return of Frank James movie poster
7. The Return of Frank James

Year:1940, Director:Fritz Lang
Cast:John Carradine, Henry Fonda, Henry Hull, Gene Tierney, J. Edward Bromberg, Jackie Cooper
8. Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence

Year:1939, Director:Ricardo Cortez
Cast:Glenn Ford, Raymond Walburn, Richard Conte, Marjorie Rambeau, Jean Rogers, Eddie Collins
9. Alexander's Ragtime Band

Year:1938, Director:Henry King
Cast:John Carradine, Tyrone Power, Don Ameche, Alice Faye, Jack Haley, Ethel Merman
Category:Drama, Romantic
Quick Millions movie poster
10. Quick Millions

Year:1939, Director:Malcolm St. Clair
Cast:Spring Byington, Jed Prouty, Florence Roberts, George Ernest, Kenneth Howell, June Carlson
Hollywood Cavalcade movie poster
11. Hollywood Cavalcade

Year:1939, Director:Irving Cummings, Malcolm St. Clair
Cast:Stuart Erwin, Don Ameche, Jed Prouty, J. Edward Bromberg, Alice Faye, Alan Curtis
Category:Drama, Comedy
In Old Chicago movie poster
12. In Old Chicago

Year:1937, Director:Henry King
Cast:Andy Devine, Brian Donlevy, Tyrone Power, Don Ameche, Alice Faye, Alice Brady
Category:Drama, Romantic
Sally, Irene and Mary movie poster
13. Sally, Irene and Mary

Year:1938, Director:William A. Seiter
Cast:Alice Faye, Jimmy Durante, Joan Davis, Marjorie Weaver, Tony Martin, Fred Allen
Category:Comedy, Romantic
Up the River movie poster
14. Up the River

Year:1938, Director:Alfred L. Werker
Cast:Preston Foster, Arthur Treacher, Slim Summerville, Tony Martin, Phyllis Brooks, Eddie Collins
Little Miss Broadway movie poster
15. Little Miss Broadway

Year:1938, Director:Irving Cummings
Cast:Shirley Temple, George Murphy, Edna May Oliver, Jimmy Durante, El Brendel, Phyllis Brooks
Category:Drama, Musical
16. Penrod and His Twin Brother

Year:1938, Director:William C. McGann
Cast:Spring Byington, Charles Halton, Frank Craven, Claudia Coleman, Billy Mauch, Robert J. Mauch
Always in Trouble movie poster
17. Always in Trouble

Year:1938, Director:Joseph Santley
Cast:Andrew Tombes, Arthur Treacher, Jean Rogers, Jane Withers, Robert Kellard, Eddie Collins
Kentucky Moonshine movie poster
18. Kentucky Moonshine

Year:1938, Director:David Butler
Cast:Slim Summerville, Marjorie Weaver, Tony Martin, Al Ritz, Harry Ritz, Jimmy Ritz
Category:Comedy, Romantic
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie poster
19. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Year:1937, Director:Wilfred Jackson, Ben Sharpsteen
Cast:Eddie Collins, Hall Johnson Choir, Roy Atwell, Pinto Colvig, Adriana Caselotti, Stuart Buchanan
Category:Romantic, Family
Ali Baba Goes to Town movie poster
20. Ali Baba Goes to Town

Year:1937, Director:David Butler
Cast:Roland Young, Tony Martin, June Lang, Eddie Cantor, Gypsy Rose Lee, Raymond Scott and His Quintet
Category:Comedy, Musical

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