Top Betty Garde movies(based on popularity,ratings,box office)

AS Actor
Call Northside 777 movie poster
1. Call Northside 777

Year:1948, Director:Henry Hathaway
Cast:James Stewart, Lee J. Cobb, Richard Conte, Helen Walker, Betty Garde, Kasia Orzazewski
Category:Drama, Crime
Caged movie poster
2. Caged

Year:1950, Director:John Cromwell
Cast:Agnes Moorehead, Eleanor Parker, Ellen Corby, Jan Sterling, Hope Emerson, Betty Garde
Category:Drama, Crime
Cry of the City movie poster
3. Cry of the City

Year:1948, Director:Robert Siodmak
Cast:Shelley Winters, Richard Conte, Fred Clark, Victor Mature, Berry Kroeger, Betty Garde
Category:Drama, Romantic
The Prince Who Was a Thief movie poster
4. The Prince Who Was a Thief

Year:1951, Director:Rudolph Maté
Cast:Tony Curtis, Jeff Corey, Piper Laurie, Everett Sloane, Marvin Miller, Betty Garde
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm movie poster
5. The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm

Year:1962, Director:Henry Levin, George Pal
Cast:Laurence Harvey, Walter Slezak, Claire Bloom, Karlheinz Böhm, Barbara Eden, Arnold Stang
Category:Drama, Comedy
The Lady Lies movie poster
6. The Lady Lies

Year:1929, Director:Hobart Henley
Cast:Charles Ruggles, Claudette Colbert, Walter Huston, Tom Brown, Betty Garde, Patricia Deering
7. Secrets of a Secretary

Year:1931, Director:George Abbott
Cast:Berton Churchill, Herbert Marshall, Claudette Colbert, Mary Boland, Betty Lawford, Georges Metaxa
One Desire movie poster
8. One Desire

Year:1955, Director:Jerry Hopper
Cast:Rock Hudson, Anne Baxter, Natalie Wood, Carl Benton Reid, Julie Adams, William Hopper
Queen High movie poster
9. Queen High

Year:1930, Director:Fred C. Newmeyer
Cast:Ginger Rogers, Frank Morgan, Charles Ruggles, Stanley Smith, Rudolph Cameron, Helen Carrington
Category:Comedy, Musical

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