Top Anthony Ross movies(based on popularity,ratings,box office)

AS Actor
The Country Girl movie poster
1. The Country Girl

Year:1954, Director:George Seaton
Cast:William Holden, Bing Crosby, Robert Kent, Gene Reynolds, Grace Kelly, Anthony Ross
The Gunfighter movie poster
2. The Gunfighter

Year:1950, Director:Henry King
Cast:Gregory Peck, Karl Malden, Jean Parker, Skip Homeier, Helen Westcott, Millard Mitchell
Category:Drama, Western
On Dangerous Ground movie poster
3. On Dangerous Ground

Year:1952, Director:Nicholas Ray, Ida Lupino
Cast:Ward Bond, Robert Ryan, Ida Lupino, Ed Begley, Charles Kemper, Anthony Ross
Category:Drama, Crime
Kiss of Death movie poster
4. Kiss of Death

Year:1947, Director:Henry Hathaway
Cast:Brian Donlevy, Richard Widmark, Victor Mature, Taylor Holmes, Coleen Gray, Howard Smith
Category:Drama, Thriller
Taxi movie poster
5. Taxi

Year:1953, Director:Gregory Ratoff
Cast:Dan Dailey, Walter Woolf King, Blanche Yurka, Neva Patterson, Constance Smith, Kyle MacDonnell
Category:Drama, Romantic
Rogue Cop movie poster
6. Rogue Cop

Year:1954, Director:Roy Rowland
Cast:Robert Taylor, George Raft, Janet Leigh, Anne Francis, Steve Forrest, Robert Ellenstein
Category:Drama, Crime
Between Midnight and Dawn movie poster
7. Between Midnight and Dawn

Year:1950, Director:Gordon Douglas
Cast:Edmond O'Brien, Mark Stevens, Gale Storm, Gale Robbins, Anthony Ross, Donald Buka
Category:Drama, Romantic
Girls in the Night movie poster
8. Girls in the Night

Year:1953, Director:Jack Arnold
Cast:Glenda Farrell, Harvey Lembeck, Joyce Holden, Jaclynne Greene, Patricia Hardy, Leonard Freeman
Category:Drama, Crime
Perfect Strangers movie poster
9. Perfect Strangers

Year:1950, Director:Bretaigne Windust
Cast:Ginger Rogers, Dennis Morgan, Howard Freeman, Thelma Ritter, Margalo Gillmore, Anthony Ross
Category:Drama, Romantic
The Skipper Surprised His Wife movie poster
10. The Skipper Surprised His Wife

Year:1950, Director:Elliott Nugent
Cast:Edward Arnold, Leon Ames, Spring Byington, Joan Leslie, Jan Sterling, Robert Walker

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